Envers moves to Hibernate!

I’m happy to announce that Envers is now a module of Hibernate! This means that:

  • the code is now in the hibernate-core repository (envers module). There will be no more commits to the old repository.
  • issue tracking moved to Hibernate’s JIRA. All open issues from the old JIRA have been moved there. When creating an Envers issue, please select the “envers” component.
  • envers is now built using maven2, which replaces the old ant build

The website, documentation and forum so far stay unchanged, but stay tuned for more updates :).

There will be some changes to Envers coming with this move. One of them is renaming of @Versioned to @Audited, to avoid confusion with the @Version annotation used in JPA for optimistic locking. The old @Versioned annotation will become deprecated, and after some time removed completely.

I would like to thank Steve Ebersole for doing the actual move and creating the maven build!


  • Julien

    I told you!!!!

  • http://claudiushauptmann.com/ Claudius


  • http://www.warski.org Adam Warski

    Julien: you did? I should listen to you more then ;) (j/k – sure I remember)

    And thanks :)

  • http://www.bemanuel.com.br Bruno Emanuel


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  • http://www.jroller.com/mert Mert

    great, glad to hear that..

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  • Yogesh Kumar

    Where can I find Licence for Hibernate Envers framework 1.2.1.GA?

  • http://www.warski.org Adam Warski

    The license is the same os the one for HIbernate 3.3.x. There should be links in the source file headers, too.