Per-commit e-mail GitHub notifications

One thing that I miss in GitHub is the ability to get e-mail notifications on each push/commit. There is an option to set an e-mail notification address in the repository settings, but you can only specify a single, global address, and only the administrator can do it.

So while waiting for CodeBrag beta, which will bring a much better code-review experience, here’s how I get an e-mail notification on each push to the repositories I’m interested in.

The general idea is to get a RSS feed, and then use a simple IFTTT recipe to receive an e-mail whenever there’s a new item containing the words “pushed to” in the feed. The recipe looks like this:


There are two ways of getting an RSS feed with all the pushes. Firstly, you can get an RSS feed which aggregates pushes to all of the repositories that you are watching. Simply go to GitHub, log in, and in the upper-right corner you should see a “News Feed” link. Copy that to IFTTT and you’re done!

Secondly, you can get a feed for a single branch of a repository. Go to the repository you wish to get notifications for, and click on the “commits tab” (you should get a page like this one). Next to “Commit History”, there’s a feed symbol, which is a link to the branch’s feed.

Hope this will be useful!

  • James Carr

    Hey there!

    You can also use Zapier to do the same thing, checkout out this zap :

    Just a small disclaimer: I work on zapier. :)

  • jeapie

    Hi. Also you can receive real-time notifications with Jeapie app even on mobile device and without any 3rd-party service.

  • Abdullah Hilson

    I can’t find the News Feed link on the upper right corner.

  • Ah, it got moved. There’s now a “Subscribe to your news feed” at the bottom of the page

  • Abdullah Hilson

    Thanks !

  • Mehran

    where is Commit History ?