About me / my projects

I’m the CTO and co-founder of SoftwareMill (“Extraordinary Software as a Standard”). We’re developing high-quality software using Java, Scala, and other languages and interesting technologies.

I created a couple of bigger and smaller open-source projects:

  • Hibernate Envers, a Hibernate core module which provides entity versioning/auditing capabilities
  • ElasticMQ, an Amazon SQS-compatible messaging server, with SQL and in-memory storages, journaling and replication
  • Veripacks, “Verify Package Specifications”, a tool for specifying which classes and subpackages should be visible outside of a Java/Scala package, and later verify that the specification is met
  • MacWire – Scala Macro to generate wiring code for class instantiation; DI container replacement
  • Typestate checker, an extension to JSR-308 checkers
  • MenuBrowser for MacOS X (not open-source)

I am also a contributor to:

  • SoftwareMill Bootstrap – simple project to quickly start developing a web application using Angular JS and Scalatra, without the need to write login, user registration etc.
  • SoftwareMill Common – a set of useful Java tools for developing with CDI (includes CDI extensions), JSF, testing, using Amazon SQS

I was a speaker at many conferences, such as Devoxx, Jazoon, Confitura, JDD and Herbstcampus, as well as on Warsaw, Poznan and Riviera JUGs.

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