Menu Browser



Menu Browser is a small utility program which lets you quickly and easily browse and open your files and folders, without distracting you from your current tasks.

Version 1.2.5, 2MB, .dmg, for MacOS X 10.5-10.8

Shareware, fully functional, with occasional registration reminders

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After downloading, open the file and drag “Menu Browser” to your “Applications” folder.

Run it, and you should see a small red bag icon appear in the upper-right corner of your screen. After clicking it, you will see the content of your home folder. You can now navigate using either the mouse or the keyboard.

Selecting a file will open it using the default application for that file, and selecting a folder will open it in Finder.

Select which folders should appear in the menu. You can add as many as you like.

A HotKey (by default: cmd+shift+m) lets you always easily access the Menu Browser.

You can also choose what should happen when you select a folder (that is, click or press <enter> when it’s highlighted), and what additional actions for a folder should be available.

Possibilities for additional actions are Finder, Terminal and iTerm; you can also provide your own AppleScript to execute any custom, arbitrary action.

In case of any questions, problems or suggestions, don’t hesitate to write us at:

Selecting a file in the menu opens it with the default application. By expanding the sub-menu for a file you can also open it with any application (“open with ...”), or send it as a Mail attachment.

Additionally, you can add any number of custom file-actions, which will run a specified AppleScript.