MacWire 1.0 is here!

A couple of days ago MacWire 1.0 was released! If you don’t yet know what MacWire is: a light-weight and non-intrusive Scala Dependency Injection library. In fact, it’s more of an approach to DI (see the step-by-step guide), than a library. Another good thing – it’s definitely not a framework – instead, pure Scala code!

Apart from the guide, there are two Typesafe Activators which can also help you to get started:

This release is almost identical to 0.8, with two additions:

  • multiple tags can be added to an instance using someInstance.taggedWith[Tag1].andTaggedWith[Tag2]
  • the wire macro can be brought into scope by simply importing com.softwaremill.macwire._ (together with tagging support)

As there were no serious bugs in 0.8, we decided to promote that code-base to 1.0. A number of people are using MacWire in their production code-bases (however MacWire is usually only used at compile-time), so we are pretty confident that the code works as it should

Thanks to all of the contributors! Star the project if you like it!