About me / my projects

I’m the CTO and co-founder of SoftwareMill (“Extraordinary Software as a Standard”). We’re taking care of projects end-to-end, developing custom software using Scala, Akka, Java, and other languages and interesting technologies.

I created a couple of bigger and smaller open-source projects:

  • MacWire – Scala macros to generate wiring code for class instantiation; DI container replacement, and an associated Guide to DI in Scala
  • Supler – a Scala/Javascript library for Rapid Form Development
  • Hibernate Envers, a Hibernate core module which provides entity versioning/auditing capabilities
  • ElasticMQ, an Amazon SQS-compatible messaging server; the implementation is completely non-blocking (asynchronous)
  • Veripacks, “Verify Package Specifications”, a tool for specifying which classes and subpackages should be visible outside of a Java/Scala package, and later verify that the specification is met
  • Typestate checker, an extension to JSR-308 checkers
  • MenuBrowser for MacOS X (not open-source)
  • Quicklens – a small Scala macro to conveniently modify deeply nested case class fields

I am also a contributor to:

  • SoftwareMill Bootzooka – simple project to quickly start developing a web application using Angular JS and Scalatra, without the need to write login, user registration etc.
  • SoftwareMill Common – a set of useful Java tools for developing with CDI (includes CDI extensions), JSF, testing, using Amazon SQS

I was a speaker at many conferences, such as JavaOne, Devoxx, Javazone, GeeCon, Jfokus, Jazoon and Confitura, as well as on Warsaw, Poznan and Riviera JUGs, New York, Boston, Bay Area, San Francisco Scala meetups.

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